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Before using TikkerTape, our biggest challenge was the reliability and consistency of the SVI program revenue stream. We were initially reluctant to let an outside agency see our highly confidential sales pipeline and customer information, however, bringing TikkerTape in has been like having a new trusted member of the team. With TikkerTape on board they have resolved our SVI reliability issues, increased our profit and allayed our concerns around sharing our confidential data. As a result, I can highly recommend them for their professionalism, integrity and value of service.

Neil Truby, Managing Director

We came to become an IBM business partner when IBM acquired Infosphere. Having signed up for the Business Partner programme we rapidly found ourselves overwhelmed by the many program details and subtleties. It also became very quickly apparent that SVI was going to be a critical program to ensure our profitability and competitiveness. With all of this in mind I was delighted to be able to bring in experts with years of experience that could get us up and running so quickly and effortlessly. I would recommend TikkerTape to anyone else; their reputation for diligence and quality and breadth of support is well deserved.

Sako Apcar, Managing Director

We decided to try using TikkerTape as we had heard from other IBM Business Partners how much time and stress they had saved them and how they had increased their SVI revenues. From day one, TikkerTape made a positive impact to our SVI revenue. On their first review of our SVI position they found an SVI opportunity we regarded as lost and explained how they could help us claim. A couple of months later we received the largest SVI payment we had ever had. TikkerTape’s SVI expertise and management have been key in attaining additional SVI revenue, which has more than paid for their fees, in fact our SVI revenues for our first full year of working with TikkerTape have increased by over 1000% ! With TikkerTape managing the SVI program it has helped us to be able to invest in and expand our sales team secure in the knowledge that our SVI revenues will grow.

Robert Gladh, Business Manager

The expertise and support from TikkerTape has been invaluable to my company. SVI is not always straightforward and having the support and knowledge of TikkerTape has benefitted our balance sheet and my peace of mind. It’s great to know that my sales team can focus on what they are best at, secure in the knowledge that this key part of our revenue stream is in safe hands.

James Prior, Managing Director

iMC is active in a broad spectrum of accounts from the largest Federal agencies and commercial accounts to mid market. IBM’s myriad of incentive Programs are not always intuitive and very time consuming to decipher. We rely on TikkerTape’s in depth experience with these programs and their changes to make sure that we are aligned to gain maximum return. TikkerTape lets us leverage IBM incentive programs without investing our time in the minutia.

Brad Schieber, VP Sales

Syscom is a long term Premier IBM partner that teams with our customers to provide mission critical business solutions. Prior to engaging TikkerTape, the SVI process was assigned to an individual whose primary focus was customer facing and ensuring the success of significant customer projects. TikkerTape works directly with our Account Executives who are closest to the opportunities to register them correctly and work them through the IBM processes. This frees our employees to focus on our core business of consulting, selling software and related services. SVI used to be a distraction for us, it is now a revenue generator because of TikkerTape.

Michael Voytilla, Executive Vice President

We have been a customer of TikkerTape for the last year and find that their expertise and attention to detail to have significantly impacted the success of our IBM Software business. Leveraging the TikkerTape Team to help not only streamline the SVI submission/claim process, but to advise as to the many opportunity challenges and roadblocks has proven invaluable. With their assistance, we have been able to redirect our investment in resources and efforts to focus more on sales and less on administration. In the end, they have been instrumental in justifying the business practice that we continue to build around IBM Software and Services and positively impact the overall profitability of the brand.

Dayn Kelley, Manager Sales Operations

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