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The Difference We Make

The Difference We Make_

  1. More Money
    • We consult and in turn our clients understand the rules and opportunities
    • Opportunities get loaded sooner and are registered and claimed accurately
    • The BP gains competitive advantage
  2. Save Time
    • No need to send people for training around IBM Incentive Programs and the relevant IBM portals
    • No need to go into the IBM portals to load, maintain, and claim opportunities
    • No requirement to keep user names and access for the IBM portals up to date
  3. Improve Confidence & Morale
    • Sales Departments can concentrate on core tasks

Our SVI revenues for our first full year of working with TikkerTape have increased by over 1000% !

Robert Gladh Business Manager

They have resolved our SVI reliability issues, increased our profit and allayed our concerns around sharing our confidential data.

Neil Truby Managing Director

SVI used to be a distraction for us, it is now a revenue generator because of TikkerTape.

Michael Voytilla Executive Vice President

We rely on TikkerTape’s in depth experience with these programs and their changes to make sure that we are aligned to gain maximum return.

Brad Schieber VP Sales

SVI is not always straightforward and having the support and knowledge of TikkerTape has benefitted our balance sheet and my peace of mind.

James Prior Managing Director

I would recommend TikkerTape to anyone else; their reputation for diligence and quality and breadth of support is well deserved.

Sako Apcar Managing Director

With their assistance, we have been able to redirect our investment in resources and efforts to focus more on sales and less on administration.

Dayn Kelley Manager Sales Operation

    Deal Registration_

    IBM Deal Registration:

    1. Train staff on incentive programs, IBM Partnerworld, IBM Global Partner Portal, MySA & SC4BPs
    2. Keep up-to-date with program changes and new programs
    3. Keep IBM Partnerworld profiles up-to-date
    4. Complete BANT form
    5. Log in to IBM Global Partner Portal or MySA & SC4BPs
    6. Create opportunity
      • finding/create correct end user profile,
      • find IBM license details required
      • ensure that all is done in accordance to IBM compliance
    7. Ensure all relevant criteria are correct
    8. Ensure that deal is registered in time

    Deal Registration with TikkerTape:

    1. Provide all details to TikkerTape
    • TikkerTape Check all BANT criteria
    • TikkerTape Check which incentive programs are applicable
    • TikkerTape Register the deal accordingly & accurately

    You receive confirmation of registration with all relevant details including:

    • an estimated incentive forecast
    • important deal deadline

    Payment Claims_

    IBM Payment Claim:

    1. Log in to IBM Global Partner Portal, MySA & SC4BPs
    2. Find the opportunity registered for the deal
    3. Check all license details with the original registration
    4. Check all pricing details per license and IBM brand family
    5. Provide details to the VAD or Submit payment claim for the incentive payment
    6. Check if opportunity is eligible for any other incentive payments and submit payment request for those too (repeat steps 3-5)
    7. Ensure this is all done in a timely manner and according to program rules
    If IBM request sales evidence, make sure all relevant and correct documentation is provided in a timely manner.

    Payment Claim with TikkerTape:

    1. Provide deal details to TikkerTape:
      • License details and pricing
      • End user details (IBM PA Site or Sales Order #)

    If you booked the deal, simply provide the IBM Proof of Entitlement and last distributor quote and we will take all required information from there.

    If IBM request sales evidence, we will:

    • assist
    • check the provided documentation
    • submit it to IBM

    Then you …

    • Receive IBM Incentive Payment(s)
    Our Clients Include
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