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TikkerTape helps: Summary of the CVR Programme Changes for April 2018

TikkerTape helps: Summary of the CVR Programme Changes for April 2018

IBM have announced several changes to the CVR programme(s).

We summarised the critical changes (subject to change and confirmation by IBM).

Please feel free to contact us, if you have any more questions.

CVR Programme Changes April 2018

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Our SVI revenues for our first full year of working with TikkerTape have increased by over 1000% !

Robert Gladh Business Manager

They have resolved our SVI reliability issues, increased our profit and allayed our concerns around sharing our confidential data.

Neil Truby Managing Director

SVI used to be a distraction for us, it is now a revenue generator because of TikkerTape.

Michael Voytilla Executive Vice President

We rely on TikkerTape’s in depth experience with these programs and their changes to make sure that we are aligned to gain maximum return.

Brad Schieber VP Sales

SVI is not always straightforward and having the support and knowledge of TikkerTape has benefitted our balance sheet and my peace of mind.

James Prior Managing Director

I would recommend TikkerTape to anyone else; their reputation for diligence and quality and breadth of support is well deserved.

Sako Apcar Managing Director

With their assistance, we have been able to redirect our investment in resources and efforts to focus more on sales and less on administration.

Dayn Kelley Manager Sales Operation
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