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Gregory Fullam_

Greg worked at IBM for 10 years and one of the roles was as the EMEA Operations Manager for channel rebates working with IBM WW on their design and implementation. It became clear that these programs whilst lucrative for BP’s were also complex to understand and required a high level of accuracy in their day-to-day management. It is rare for a BP to have inhouse expertise of the level required to optimise the returns on the rebates and as a consequence money was being left on the table and BP’s were frustrated by the difficulty of forecasting their returns.

Greg then left IBM in 2006 and setup Tikkertape in the UK. It took some time for the concept to become proven to the channel but with time Tikkertape’s benefits became apparent to BP’S, Distributors and IBM themselves.

Tikkertape UK expanded to a point where the majority of BP’s in the UK utilised their service and some BP’s outside of the UK became clients.

In 2014 Tikkertape Inc was established and has continued a path of growth.

Jackie Schoggin

Jackie Schoggin_

Jackie jumped headfirst into the IBM world in 2009 and worked at Avnet/ Tech Data for 8 years as the North American and then the Canadian Account Manager for IBM Software. As the account manager, she was a liaison between Business Partners and IBM, while acting as a subject matter expert of IBM programs to assist the Business Partners. 

Jackie left Tech Data in 2017 to join Greg and the Tikkertape team. She has been able to use her previous knowledge from Avnet/ Tech Data days to act as a trusted advisor for the North American clients and looks forward to helping Tikkertape North America continue to grow. 

Our SVI revenues for our first full year of working with TikkerTape have increased by over 1000% !

Robert Gladh Business Manager

They have resolved our SVI reliability issues, increased our profit and allayed our concerns around sharing our confidential data.

Neil Truby Managing Director

SVI used to be a distraction for us, it is now a revenue generator because of TikkerTape.

Michael Voytilla Executive Vice President

We rely on TikkerTape’s in depth experience with these programs and their changes to make sure that we are aligned to gain maximum return.

Brad Schieber VP Sales

SVI is not always straightforward and having the support and knowledge of TikkerTape has benefitted our balance sheet and my peace of mind.

James Prior Managing Director

I would recommend TikkerTape to anyone else; their reputation for diligence and quality and breadth of support is well deserved.

Sako Apcar Managing Director

With their assistance, we have been able to redirect our investment in resources and efforts to focus more on sales and less on administration.

Dayn Kelley Manager Sales Operation
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